Deploying on Linux/MacOS#

Vineyard can be deployed locally on MacOS and popular Linux distributions using the pip-installed package with the following command:

python -m vineyard

Command-line arguments#

Various command-line arguments are supported to configure the behaviors of the vineyard server, noteably,

  • --socket <PATH> to specify the path of UNIX-domain socket that vineyardd will bind to

  • --size <SIZE> to specify the upper limit of shared memory, can be in human readable format, e.g. 256M, 1G, etc.

  • --etcd_endpoint <ENDPOINT> to specify the etcd endpoint to connect

Vineyard a systemd service#

Vineyard can be installed and deployed as a systemd service on Linux. After installing vineyard using pip, the service initialized can be done by

python -m vineyard.systemd install

If you could like to install vineyard as a service for current user, you could

python -m vineyard.systemd --user install


When installing vineyard as a user service, you may also need the following command to prevent vineyard been shutdown after your session close:

sudo loginctl enable-linger $USER

After installing vineyard as a service, vineyardd will try to resolve configuration from /etc/vineyard.conf (for system-level service) or ~/.config/vineyard.conf (for user-level service). The configuration file follows the -flagfile format of gflags, see also GFlags Special Flags.

For more detailed arguments about the systemd service deployment, please refer to

python -m vineyard.systemd --help

Fill command-line arguments list#

The full list of command-line arguments is as follows:

$ python -m vineyard --help

vineyardd: Usage: vineyardd [options]

Flags from /tmp/vineyard-20220702-50760-10zgmhv/v6d-0.6.0/src/server/memory/
    -reserve_memory (Pre-reserving enough memory pages)
        type: bool
        default: false

Flags from /tmp/vineyard-20220702-50760-10zgmhv/v6d-0.6.0/src/server/util/
    -deployment (deployment mode: local, distributed)
        type: string
        default: "local"
    -etcd_cmd (path of etcd executable)
        type: string
        default: ""
    -etcd_endpoint (endpoint of etcd)
        type: string
        default: ""
    -etcd_prefix (path prefix in etcd)
        type: string
        default: "vineyard"
    -meta (Metadata storage, can be one of: etcd, local)
        type: string
        default: "etcd"
    -metrics (Alias for --prometheus, and takes precedence over --prometheus)
        type: bool
        default: false
    -prometheus (Whether to print metrics for prometheus or not)
        type: bool
        default: false
    -rpc (Enable RPC service by default)
        type: bool
        default: true
    -rpc_socket_port (port to listen in rpc server)
        type: int32
        default: 9600
    -size (shared memory size for vineyardd, the format could be 1024M, 1024000, 1G, or 1Gi)
        type: string
        default: "256Mi"
    -socket (IPC socket file location)
        type: string
        default: "/var/run/vineyard.sock"
    -stream_threshold (memory threshold of streams (percentage of total memory))
        type: int64
        default: 80
    -sync_crds (Synchronize CRDs when persisting objects)
        type: bool
        default: false