Vineyard aims to serve as an open-source in-memory immutable data manager. We cut a major release once a year, a minor release for about every two months, and a patch release every one or two weeks.

The roadmap for major vineyard releases are listed as follows:


We plan to release the first preliminary version for the Rust SDK and Go SDK in vineyard v0.5.0, that is expected to be delivered in later Oct, 2021.

In vineyard v0.5.0, we will investigate the opportunity about code generation based on the metadata of vineyard objects, i.e., we could generate the data structure definition based on the structure of metadata in runtime (for Python) and in compile time (even maybe in runtime) for C++ and Rust.

The integration with Kubernetes (especially the CSI part) will be another key improvement for v0.5.0.

Further details about release for v0.5.0 will be added later.


The release of vineyard v0.4.0, will be hopefully released in Aug, 2021, will be a follow-up bugfix releases after v0.3.0. The version v0.4.0 makes the kubernetes related components better.

  • Improve the robustness of the scheduler plugin.

  • Refine the definition of CRDs.

  • Distribute the vineyard operator to artifact hub as a chart, to make it available for more users.


We plan to release v0.3.0 in June, 2021. vineyard v0.3.0 will be the first major stable releases with fully kubernetes support, which will include:

  • A stable CRD definition for LocalObject and GlobalObject to represents vineyard objects as kubernetes resources.

  • A full-features scheduler plugin for kubernetes, as well as a custom controller that manages objects (custom resources) in vineyard cluster.

  • A refined version of Helm integration.

  • Application-aware far memory will be included in v0.3.0 as an experimental feature.


Vineyard v0.2.0 will address the issue about Python ecosystem compatibility, I/O, and the kubernetes integration.

  • Vineyard v0.2.0 will support any filesystem-spec-compatible data source/sink as well as file format.

  • Vineyard v0.2.0 will support Python ecosystem (especially numpy and pandas) better.

  • Vineyard v0.2.0 will include basic Helm integration for deploying on Kubernetes as a DaemonSet.

  • A prototype of scheduler plugin to do data locality scheduling will be included into vineyard v0.2.0 to demonstrates the capability about co-scheduling job and data in kubernetes brought by vineyard.

  • Match the criterion of CNCF sandbox project.


Vineyard v0.1.0 is the first release after open source. This version includes:

  • Complete functionality for both server and client.

  • Complete Python SDK.

  • User-friendly package distribution on pypi (for python SDK) and on dockerhub (for vineyardd server).

Release Notes

For more details about what changes happened for every version, please refer to our releases notes as well.