Vineyard: an In-Memory Data Manager for Data-Intensive Analytics

An innovative cloud-native in-memory immutable data manager that offers out-of-the-box high-level abstractions and zero-copy in-memory sharing for distributed data in various big data tasks.

pip install vineyard Successfully installed vineyard python client = vineyard.connect() object_id = client.put('Hello, vineyard!') client.get(object_id) 'Hello, vineyard!'

Efficient data sharing

Vineyard shares immutable data across different systems using shared memory without extra overheads, eliminating the overhead of serialization and deserialization.

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Out-of-the-box data abstraction

Vineyard defines a metadata-payload separated data model to capture the payload commonalities and method commonalities between sharable objects.

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Pluggable I/O routines

Vineyard provides common manipulation routines for immutable data as drivers, which extend the capabilities of data structures by registering appropriate drivers.

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Data orchestration on Kubernetes

Vineyard provides efficient distributed data sharing in cloud-native environments by embracing cloud-native big data processing.

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Use Cases

Object store for all

Putting and getting arbitrary objects using Vineyard, in a zero-copy way!

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Data sharing in Kedro pipelines

Sharing intermediate data between tasks in Kedro pipelines.

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Data processing for machine learning

Sharing large objects between different systems in data preprocessing pipelines in machine learning applications.

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Data sharing on Kubernetes

Coordinating the flow of objects and jobs on Kubernetes with the data-aware scheduler plugin.

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